Life’s Little Miracles

In the early morning hours of Monday February 27th, 2012 Miss Trinity Rose Christensen made her grand entrance into the world. Weighing in at a healthy 9lbs 10oz, she was perfect. I say this because her and her parents are not just any client of mine they are extra special clients, see they are family. Her momma, Ashley Barr is one hell of a young woman, pardon my language but its true. See in 2008 she fought and beat Cancer, shes such an amazing woman, strong, determined to let nothing beat her down, even long hours of labor where she never did dilate more the 3cm, only to be in pain and had already had many sleepless nights. Sure thats part of being pregnant, or so Ive assumed. But to my amazement Ashley came through a cesarian birth like a trooper. Her and her fiance are currently resting comfortably at home with their beautiful daughter Trinity, enjoying their bonding time. I must say I am so proud of her, first Cancer now shes a mom!Image


Inspiration From My Biggest Fan

On January 16th, 2012 in the early morning hours my amazing cousin was taken from us, becoming our gaurdian angel. Since his passing I had lill to now inspiration let alone the drive to create beautiful photography, and sadly because of this I feel that I may have neglected clients due to my grief. Yesterday, in the early morning hours I found my self dreaming of an idea for a newborn photo shoot that had a faceless newborn in. I soon began to feel the love that my cousin had for me, my photography and for life its self. So when I woke up I began planning and designing the props. At first I wasnt sure how I was going to make a rainbow. A rainbow, how do construct one that doesn’t look cheesy. So, I randomly text my amazing assistant and my other friend asking, how do make a rainbow. The idea of building a wooden and wire frame and using strips of colored tulle for the rainbow itself came together with such ease. This is how I knew this project had to be created, I HAD to build the rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Slowly throughout the day more ideas for the theme came to me with such ease. When I was making a supply list to go to Lowes with I began randomly finding everything I needed to build the frame, minus the screws in the garage. When talking with my dad about building this he quickly became interested in the project and out plan came together with such ease. With our short list of screws and braces for support we will head to ACE Hardware in the morning to get the rest of our things and begin building.   As I sit here tonight and write this post I believe that my cousin has been by my side all day as I planned on how to create this vision. I miss my cousin more and more everyday, he is an amazing man! He was always so proud of my photography, it’s safe to say he was, is my biggest fan! So now we wait for lill Miss Trinity Rose to grace us with her presence, who he will watch over as well. I can not wait to put this together and create this amazing Pot of Gold at the End Of The Rainbow with Trinity photo!

My Guardian Angel

Im ready for a fun and exciting year in the studio!!!!

2012 is bringing some new and exciting this for my studio. In the next couple of weeks I will be introducing a new boudoir package, some fun new children packages, a special mini session just for Cancer kids, some wonderful add ons for wedding packages and some great new packaging and branding themes. Check back often to see whats new and exciting!!!!

Under Consturction

I know you all are anxiously awaiting the unveiling of some fabulous wedding images. I have been busy the past few days babysitting the cutest and sweetest little girl as well as getting things ready to head back to classes to finish up my photography degree as well as cleaning and dejunking my room/studio. I promise I will get the images up in the next few days and finish setting up this blog! 

hello world!!!!!!!!

welcome to my blog!!!

here is where you can find prices and packages,

there are pretty simple and not overwhelming, makes choosing easy

i shoot all on location, i do not own a studio, nor do i have a physical studio

i love shooting in nature or using buildings as my backdrop, natural light is the best for everyone

a lill about me

i never planned on being a photographer, it just happened.

ive been a hairstylist for thirteen years, even though i love it, i love my camera even more

i’ve lived in the coeur d alene, post falls are all my life and there are so many amazing places to

take amazing photos.

i do it all, weddings, families, seniors, babies, oh how i love babies, and events like

baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties and yes even bachelor/bachelorette parties.

all you have to do is ask and im sure we can come up with something special.

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