in light of our sucky economy, yes i did just say that….

i have choosen to keep my pricing simple as affordable. no multiple packages to choose from which means less confusion which makes for your experience with your chosen photographer less stress full. i also have the packages broken down into payments to make things more affordable for all. so here they are

Senior Photos  $200

what you get……

1 11×14, 2 8×10, 2 5×7, 4 4×6, 24 wallets and of course the yearbook photo

there’s no time limit set, but usually we are done with in an hour to an hour and half, i allow up to 6 out fit changes, but most of the time you only change twice.

all images are done on location, meaning outdoors, ( i do not have a physical studio)

Payments  $50 due at time of booking, $50 due day of shoot, $50 due at time of ordering, last $50 due at delivery of images.

yearbook photo will be ordered separately then the package and no payment is needed at this time.

Families $200

what you get….

1 16×20, 4 8×10, the 5 x7 & 4×6’s you get up to 10, ordered to what you need

Payments $50 due at booking $50 due day of shoot, $50 due at time of order, last $50 due at delivery of images


to keep things simple i offer two packages, both include an engagement session with choice of complimentary print for the newspaper announcement

package one $650

full day of wedding photography (up to eight hours)

disk with approx 300 images and full copyright release for printing where ever your choose


first pymnt $150 due at time of booking

second pymnt $250  90 days before wedding date

third and final pymnt $250  30 days  before wedding date

package two $900

full wedding day photography( up to eight hours)

disk with approx 300 images with copyright release for additional printing

custom album with up to 100 favorite images

payments: same as package one

first pymnt $150 due at time of booking

second pymnt $250 due 90 days before wedding date

third pymnt $250 thirty days before wedding date

final pymnt $250 at time of ordering the album

maternity and newborn

i have two packages, they can be quite fun

baby bump and newborn $150

includes a baby bump shoot in the last month of pregnancy, usually with in the last two weeks prior to due date

newborn photos either in the hospital or at home, (i can usually be talked into both), usually done before they are 14 days new


first $50 at booking

second $50 at time of baby bump shoot

final$50 at time of delivery of images

watch me grow $400

ok i know this sounds like a lot but wait till you see what you get

baby bump, newborn, one month old, three months old, six months old, nine months old,one year & first birthday cake smash session

each session you get 1 8×10, 4 5×7, and a disk with release to print

normally you would pay close to one thousand dollars or more for all of this if you went to a place such as wal mart studio, kiddie candids and other portrait studios.


first $100 due at booking

second  $100 due at three month shoot

third $100 due at nine month shoot

final $100 due at first birthday cake smash session

delivery room experience $50

ask me about this, i offer to capture the emotions of the delivery, nothing graphic is photographed during this session, it’s all about the moments leading up to the birth and the emotions during and after your miracle arrives. this is a disk only, no prints are offered with this, however you do get a release to print if you choose. i do realize this is not a booked date that lill ones come when they are ready, i’m ready when ever they are.

payment is at time of booking


lets talk!!!!

birthday parties, anniversary parties, baby/bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties..

just to name a few, the possibilities are endless

i know we can come up with something fun and affordable

$50 to $250


second photographer

varies by event

(no at available with the delivery room experience package)

$25 to $150

photo sharing

as the event winds down and guests are getting ready to leave

my assistant will be ready with a laptop to copy your images

from guests your memory cards and a disk 

will be created at the end of the evening .


photo books

great for parties and events,

as well as guest books for  weddings

prices vary  by size and number of images

(max 100 images)

$35 to $60

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